Archiproducts Design Awards 2022 : Dressup

28 November 2022

We are so thrilled to announce that Dressup, designed by Garcia Cumini for Cesar,  stood out for it outstanding design in the Furniture category and has been awarded at the 2022 Archiproducts Design Awards!

Visual lightness and technology are the inspiring principles that promoted an inversion of the traditional storage paradigm, resulting in units that are developed vertically and preserve a perception of great lightness and freedom.
That’s what inspired Dressup: this system can be easily customised and used in endless ways: on the kitchen splashback, in the bathroom and in the hall.


Milano Design Week 2022

07 / 12 June 2022

We are very excited to unveil at the Milano fair 2022 the new kitchen Tangram for Cesar  and many expansions of collections.


Find Cesar at:

EUROCUCINA | Fiera Milano Rho | Hall 11 – stand C25/D30

Interior Design – Best of Year Awards 2021

17 December 2021

We are so thrilled to announce that The 50’s, designed for Cesar Kitchen, has stood out for it outstanding design in the Kitchen cabinetry categoryand has been awarded at the 2021 Best of Year Awards – Interior Design magazineInterior Design’s Best of Year is the design industry’s premiere design awards program, honoring the most significant work of the year as well as recognizing designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe.

Archiproducts Design Awards 2021 : The 50’s

02 December 2021

We are so proud to announce that The 50’s double-faced system, designed for CESAR Kitchen, has stood out for it outstanding design in the Furniture category and has been awarded at the 2021 Archiproducts Design Awards! A double-faced bookcase system that reaches the ceiling, is free-standing and can be used as a partition to divide spaces. Its narrow depth makes it suitable for rooms of any size and it can even be fitted with a peninsula for cooking and washing purposes. Perfect for the kitchen, it’s also an ideal choice for the dining and living room areas.

The 50’s double-faced system has been selected by the 2021 ADI DESIGN INDEX

28 October 2021

The 50’s double-faced system, designed by Garcia Cumini for CESAR Kitchen, has been selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory for publication in the 2021 ADI Design Index in the “Home Design”category, and will compete for the Compasso D’Oro, the oldest and most distinguished design award in the world.

Milano Design Week 2021

05 / 10 September 2021

We are glad to share with you our new products, new collaborations and an expansion of the range of productcs.

Cesar Headquarters Showroom – New collections

19 November 2020

The Cesar showroom in Pramaggiore, designed by Garcia Cumini, has been expanded with the addition of over 1000 square meters to showcase new projects and products for the home living. The space is characterized by a new aesthetic concept that is the continuum between kitchen and living area with the The 50’s bookcase system in the new double-sided version as center of the room.

New Cesar flagship store in Paris

17 October 2019

After Milano and New York, we are happy to announce that we designed the interior of the new Cesar flagship store in Paris, boulevard Saint Germain.

GARCIA CUMINI – Crosswords 2019

Milano Design Week 2019

09 / 14 April 2019

Come and discover our new projects and collaborations with:

ZANOTTA at Salone del Mobile, Pad. 16 – Stand A23/B20

PIAVAL at Salone del Mobile, Pad. 12 – Stand D03

CESAR at Cesar Flagship Store, Via Larga 23 – Milano

FOSCARINI at Salone del Mobile, Pad. 11 – Stand A29/B18

Milano Design Week 2018

17 / 22 April 2018

We are glad to share with you our new products and collaborations.

TWEED for Zanotta

04 April 2017

TWEED is a range of tables featuring tops with smoothly irregular shape. Not just a simple exercise of scale but different models to allow gathering together or a more formal seating, depending on the occasions. The strong and accurate graphic trait similar to the Tweed interweaving, contrast the top outline

SPOKES for Foscarini

04 April 2017

Today the Spokes range includes yet another more vivacious, glamorous personality, donning metallized colours that change the interpretation of the design while offering new luminous reflections, making the spokes seem even more slender and precious. A particularly elegant blue and a very warm copper tone transform the presence of Spokes and open up a world of decor possibilities, creating new visual sensations when the lamp is on or off.

LE SOLEIL for Foscarini

04 April 2017

Le Soleil now also comes in an original copper and bronze finish that brings new personality, enhancing the warm, natural glow of the lamp.

Milano Design Week 2017

04 / 09 April 2017

We are glad to share with you our new products and collaborations.

UNIT for Cesar

Garcia Cumini

05 May 2016

Unit is a dynamic, airy planning system that is not limited by wall constraints. It is a perfect blend of professionalism and domestic warmth, technology and tradition. Pictures with multi-faceted personalities are created by mixing and matching the finishes of the structures with those of the 2.2 cm thick doors. The aluminium structures frame each single volume, thus creating the units.

ALMO for Poltrona Frau

Garcia Cumini

04 July 2016

Almo, the new sofa designed by Garcia Cumini for Poltrona Frau, is short for almohada, a traditional, comfortable Iberian pillow whose long, narrow, low shape makes it perfect also as a handy lumbar cushion or arm rest. Almo is a private, protective, personal place, tailor-made to fit around new habits and gestures. Almo can be entirely upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather.
As an alternative, Pelle Frau® leather upholstery for the frame and Poltrona Frau Fabrics for cushions and seat.
All the stitching is same colour.

DOT LINE for Agape

Garcia Cumini

20 April 2016

Graphic patterns that can be traced back to a neo-plasticist language and graphic signs of an archetypal nature, such a dot or line, capable of creating endless languages, are the inspiration behind the accessory range “Dot Line”.

The sign Dot becomes a pause, a structural interruption setting the rhythm along the continuity of a line.


Garcia Cumini

19 April 2016

Wall Waiter is an innovative multi-functional module that can hold and organise many of the objects used in the kitchen. The pull-down front becomes an extra shelf while the integrated led light illuminates the worktop and the accessories used most frequently.
The modules can be used on their own, in a line or one on top of the other for utmost planning freedom.

Milano Design Week 2016

12 / 17 April 2016

We are glad to share with you our new collaborations.

Atmosphers for Foscarini

Garcia Cumini

08 March 2016

Atmospheres: a magic choreography of sounds, lights and shadows dedicated to Spokes lamp.

Foscarini Spazio Brera | Via Pontaccio, 19 – Milano

Flagship Store CESAR

Garcia Cumini

15 May 2015

A renewed flagship store under the art direction of Garcia Cumini, natural and warm colors from the floor to the walls. Details and textures are completed by an exclusive styling, giving a new way of aestethics.

Flagship Store CESAR | Via Larga, 23 – Milano


Showroom Concept for CESAR

Garcia Cumini

14 April 2015

“The Fuorisalone event is the perfect opportunity to present the first results of a new strategic vision that is involving exceptional changes within the company, backed up by the art direction of the Garcia Cumini studio.  The first important change regards the company’s showroom in Milan that was redesigned in the light of a new aesthetic awareness and a new showroom concept. The warm grey textured finish of the walls is elegantly paired with exclusive wooden flooring, developed specifically for the flagship store by Corà. The cleverly planned lighting sets off the textured finishes showcased by the company and confers warmth to the environment while revealing Cesar’s new world.”

Milano Design Week

Flagship Cesar | Via Larga, 23 | 14-19 April 2015

Cocktail | Via Larga, 23 | 15 April 2015 from 19.00


Garcia Cumini

08 April 2014

The new hanging lamp designed by Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Cumini Cinzia is inspired by the observation of the spokes of a bicycle wheel. The metal rod molds a soft, light but solid volume and the LED light source allows both to fully illuminate the plan and to create a magical effect of light and shadow propagation on the walls.

Milano Design Week

Zona Brera Showroom Foscarini | Via Pontaccio, 19 | 8-13 April 2014

Cocktail | Via Pontaccio, 19 | 8 April 2014 from 19.30


Garcia Cumini

08.04.2014_ Fold is a compact seating system with high seat, functionally designed for contemporary spaces. Characterized by the highly decorative blanket stitching “Punto Cavallo” running along the covering as it was the crease of an envelope, this sofa is available into a numberless range of high quality upholstery-leather, textile and wool-upholstery and wide range of colors. Feet in stainless steel, natural wood or lacquered wood in three colors.

Milano Design Week | Fiera Milano RHO

Salone del Mobile | Hall 7 | Stand G15 | 8-13 April 2014

Space to the Italian Taste for CESAR

Exhibition Design at EUROCUCINA 2014
Garcia Cumini

08.04.2014 _ “For Cesar’s stand, we have endeavoured to portray how the convivial values of the Italian culture can be shared internationally. Spending time together, good food, well-being, serenity, light-heartedness, colour, naturalness and authenticity require a specific life-style based on the essentials. A solid, full, fulfilling and reassuring essentiality that is provided foremost by the top quality of the products. This is a place where Cesar takes the opportunity of talking about kitchens using new languages, where light creates atmospheres in which still life scenes come to life. Because a kitchen is not a static place but the throbbing heart of a home. Italian values linked to sharing good food blend in a modern space full of tradition: the kitchen.”

Milano Design Week | Fiera Milano RHO

Eurocucina | Hall 9 | Stand C09 D12 | 8-13 April 2014

JTI Clean City Lab 2014

Exhibition Design at TRIENNALE 2014
Garcia Cumini

08.04.2014_For the third year Vicente Garcia Jimenez & Cinzia Cumini designed the exhibition area at the Triennale di Milano, for the international contest JTI-Clean City Lab. Four prestigious design schools , Politecnico di Milano, Chelsea College of Arts of London, IED of Barcelona and HEAD of Geneva, propose and develop communication projects aimed at raising awareness of  the impact of smoking habits on environment. In order to change smokers’ behavior and reduce the waste generated by cigarettes in the urban context: this is the ambitious goal of the fourth edition. Young creative talents worked from December to March to present their concepts of communication tools and ideas to a jury of experts in the field of media, communication and art.

Milano Design Week | Triennale di Milano

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6 | 8-13 April 2014

Lecture with Ait and Marazzi

07.11.2013 _ The architecture magazine Ait and the Marazzi company invite Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Cinzia Cumini to the fourth edition of the Ait and Marazzi (Progetto Triennale) evening event. As speakers in order to express their idea of innovation capability, creativity and design in the tiles ceramic world, with a special glimpse to the Giò Ponti and Alberto Rosselli work for Marazzi during the Milano Triennale in 1960’s.

07 November at 19.30 GOLDBERG [WERK] | Schaflandstraße 6 | 70736 Fellbach-Stuttgart

Sofia Contemporary Inspirations

at MADE EXPO 2013

05.10.2013 _ Great success of the stand Sofia Doors at the last Made Expo. A global project, where the booth construction, the styling, graphics and video, projected and developed by Garcia Cumini Associati, made up the new image of the Russian company which is focused in the interior door production. A magical and theatrical atmosphere. The new Sofia products were surrounded by a suggestive set where the designers used also an audio-visual language. The project, called Sofia Contemporary Inspirations brings the company at an international level.

1000 LINES for Sofia Doors

at MADE EXPO 2013

05.10.2013 _ Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Cinzia Cumini presented 1000 Lines at the last Made Expo Milano, Italy.
1000 Lines is the new sliding door system designed for the russian company Sofia.
This innovative system consists in an extensive range of space separation solutions, featuring hinged doors and sliding doors, with a coordinated design and with a minimal aluminium lined edge that also acts as a handle.
The anodized or varnished door profiles can be paired with a wide range of wooden and glass decorative panels.

CONTINUITY for Sofia Doors

at MADE EXPO 2013

05.10.2013 _ Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Cinzia Cumini presented Continuity at the last Made Expo Milano, Italy.
Continuity is the new sliding door system designed for the russian company Sofia.
A collection of high-end hinged and sliding doors with anodized or varnished aluminium profiles.
The aluminium profiles come in a wide range of colours and can be paired with wooden or glass decorative panels so that you can add a truly unique feel to interiors.