— Year: 2010


INSIDE is a completely emotional work of art that illuminates the secret sprit of every Foscarini design: the visitor is immersed in a tunnel of digital effects and music that penetrates the design aspects of the products and focuses on the research into materials. Walking the 20 meter runway down the center of a long fabric-covered tunnel, the spectator is physically wrapped in a flow of interconnected video images from 12 projectors. The experience is at once evocative and physical, leading the guest into a three-dimensional universe to discover the poetry of every detail, the vibrant sound of various materials and the powerful impact of design.

Year: 2010
Location: Temporary Museum for New Design / Superstudiopiu / Milan Design Week / Italy
Project: Vicente Garcia Jiménez
Video work: Massimo Gardone, Fabio Bressan
Sound design: Francesco Morosini